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We are blessed knowing that God led you to worship with us!  At St. Joe's, we recognize music as sung prayer and welcome the wholehearted participation of every parishioner and visitor in each psalm, acclamation, and hymn!

May you feel called to worship God throughout your day, and we
cordially invite you to join us during our regular masses:


Saturdays at 5pm
Sundays at 7:00am, 8:30am, & 10:30am, 
Monday, Thursday and Friday at 8:30am
Word and Communion Service: Tuesday and Wednesday at 8:30am


Saturday, 4-4:30pm 

New Hymnals

Our Hymnal Selection Process

Our parish moved into the new church here on Biscayne in 2003. Shortly after that, new hymnals were purchased, with help of memorial donations, for the musicians and the worshipers in the pews. As you have seen over the years, the new hymnals have aged and gotten a used and much worn look to them, as many have noted and pointed out.
Now is the time to bring new life and music to St. Joseph’s Catholic Church.
The Worship Commission put this as one of our goals to accomplish, as the new planning year began in 2015. The commission asked that a committee be assembled for this task and started planning in the fall of 2015. The committee was formed shortly after and they met for the first time in February 2016. There were 13 in attendance at the initial meeting. This committee was given the name: Worship Aid Media Committee. They were given instructions to look carefully at all current options of worship media for future implementation and the use of media as it relates to worship, catechesis and communication for parish liturgies and events in the worship space.

Hymnals, missalettes, parish-produced printed aids and projection were all considered and researched and some are continuing to be looked at in the future. The one that fits St. Joseph’s at this time and recommended by the committee is a Hymnal. Once a hymnal was found to be the most practical and affordable media for our worship space, the committee was asked to narrow all those considered to as many as 3 and provide a concise understanding of that recommendation. The committee recommended that our next hymnal have the readings for each liturgical year as well as the Mass parts and prayers. They looked closely at the music so as to have upbeat tempos as well as traditional Catholic songs that would bring the worship of God, to more fulfillment for all.

The Worship Aid Media Committee reported back to the Worship Commission a second time, on January 5, to give the final recommendations of 3 worship aids. Two of them would be for use in the pews and a 3rd had more contemporary selections. It was down to Gather III and Ritual Song II. After much discussion and regarding the committee’s recommendations and position, the Worship Commission has chosen the Gather III. This hymnal gives a mix of traditional and contemporary music, more in line with Parish directives to make the music more appealing to younger people.

We have a campaign approaching to fund the new hymnals that will begin in the Easter season. We are hopeful that full funding will be complete in a short time in order to have the new worship aids in the church before the end of summer.

The Worship Commission wants all that gave of themselves and their time to research and make recommendations, to know that their valuable time was very much appreciated.