The next Virtus Training will be Saturday, August 24th (9 am-12 pm) & Thursday, September 26th (6-9 pm) here at St. Joe’s.  You must go to to register for this training prior to the date.

What’s the deal with Virtus? All volunteers 18 years or older, working with children or vulnerable adults must complete the E3 (Essential 3) which includes Virtus Training. This includes attending a 3-hr live class, background check, code of conduct with video and Mandated reporter online training. There is also a volunteer form that you fill out and hand back in. After the initial training, you will be asked to update your E3 every three years.

How do I register to take the Virtus training?

  1. Go to, If you are new and want to join our team of volunteers, you need to contact our OPCY Coordinator prior to registering to take the Virtus training.