A Reminder of Cemetery Rules through November 1

A Reminder of Cemetery Rules~

Hello to all that have loved ones in our cemetery! St Joseph’s would like to say thank you to those that participate in making these grounds beautiful. Cooperation by all is surely appreciated! At the end of October our fall cleanup will take place. All flower pot holders and Shepard’s hooks that don’t follow the rules (Maximum height of 42”) will be removed and placed behind the sign for pick up. Any that are not picked up will be disposed of at the end of the year. This is to help the lawn crew and keep the cemetery looking beautiful. Fluegals and most garden shops sell approved equipment, and feel free to contact Pat Archer at St Joe’s with any questions.

Thank You! 

“Live potted plants and appropriate silk flowers are permitted during the period from May 1 to November 1.

Evergreen wreaths are allowed during the Christmas season, and removed by Mid-January”




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