Blessing of the Animals, October 8

Blessing of Animals | Saturday, October 8 at 10am

Within the first week of October is the feast celebration of one of the most popular saints in Christianity—St. Francis of Assisi. He held a deep appreciation for the gift of life not only to all of mankind but his loving care spilled over into a compassion toward all living creatures. It is in this sense that we have come to know the blessing of all animals—blessing all creatures—wild or domesticated—in honor of St. Francis.

Gather with us on Saturday, October 8 at 10am in front of the St. Joseph Church entrance for our annual Blessing of the Animals ceremony. Also, if you bring your pet, you will be given an individual blessing along with your special animal companion at your side.


All are invited to Catholic Watchmen's Faith & Eggs Event this SaturdayRegister here
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