Hearing Assist for Mass Information

Hearing Assist 

For those parishioners with hearing challenges attending in person, St Joe’s provides portable audio aids that are directly tied to the sound system. Simply ask an Usher & they can assist you.

While reusable ear buds are provided in the units, you can bring your own earbuds with a 3.5 mm jack to plug in as well. For those with “t-coil” compatible hearing aids, we have purchased a t-coil transmitter for these same devices which allows the sound to be routed directly to your hearing aids. Consult your hearing aid manufacturer’s website to see if your hearing aids are t-coil compatible.

For those watching the video streaming from home, Vimeo, our streaming provider, includes Closed Captioning support. Note that Close Captioning is available, only available when replaying a previously streamed service, not during the original live stream. To enable Closed Captioning, once the video has started, move your mouse over the lower right of the video stream to expose the “CC” icon and click on it. Then select “English (autogenerated) CC” to enable closed captioning. Note you need to re-enable closed captioning each time you open a video in Vimeo.

We hope this can help you hear the liturgy more clearly as we pray…

“Give ear and hear my voice, Listen and hear my words.”

Isaiah 28:23


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