The custom of visiting the cemetery and praying for the dead can be traced to the women who returned to the tomb of Jesus that Easter morning to mourn and complete the preparation of His body for burial. Then and there they discovered that He had been raised from the dead. Today, our visits to the cemetery are prompted by our love and faith. We come to remember, to mourn, to give thanks for the life of our beloved shared with us, to pray, and to strengthen our belief that one day we will be united with our beloved in Eternal Life.

St. Joseph Cemetery

Located on Hwy 3 and 142nd Street in Rosemount

For cemetery maintenance, please contact us at Cemetery@StJosephCommunity.org or 651-423-4402.

To inquire about purchasing a burial lot, pricing, interment fees, etc. please contact the parish office at 651-423-4402 or at Cemetery@StJosephCommunity.org.

Highland Cemetery

Located at the corner of Pilot Knob & Dodd Road in Lakeville

Highland Cemetery is a historical cemetery.

Cemetery Guidelines

At St. Joseph Community, we have a vision for our cemeteries to provide an environment that is well maintained, inviting to family and friends of the deceased, is peaceful and comforting, and accessible during daylight hours. To better serve all families who have loved ones at St. Joseph’s cemetery and to maintain the grounds in a neat and presentable manner, we have the following guidelines.

  • Live potted plants and appropriate silk flowers are welcome from May 1 to November 1. These items need to be in a container that is supported by a 48 inch metal plant stand or shepherd’s hook that is placed in or near the grave marker.
  • Evergreen wreaths and arrangements are welcome during the Christmas season until mid January.
  • Other decorations are not to be planted or placed in the ground at the grave sites, including plants, eternity candles or lanterns because they interfere with effective maintenance of the grounds.
  • For those who are utilizing the columbarium, please feel free to make use of the Meditation Garden for your memorials. You may place a potted plant near or on the rocks surrounding the Mediation Garden. These plants are welcome from May 1 to November 1. The potted plants need to be in a clay container not larger than 6 ½ inches in diameter and 8 inches in height. Please do not place anything on or near the columbarium.

St. Joseph’s Cemetery is intended for the burial of Catholics who belong to the parish of St. Joseph’s in Rosemount, or those closely related to them, who are entitled to Christian burial according to the Roman Catholic Church. The Pastor shall decide any question of the burial of a non-Catholic member of a lot owner’s family, or of any person not entitled to Christian burial. Burial of Catholics who are not members of St. Joseph’s parish shall be at the discretion of the Pastor.

Lot owners may erect proper memorial work on their respective lots and shall be in place within one year of burial. Plaques for the columbarium niches will be purchased as the Parish Office at the time of the niche purchase. Please see the guidelines below for markers/monuments:

Above Ground Markers

  • Single Grave Maximum Dimensions:
    • Width 14"
    • Length 24"
    • Height 36" (from cement foundation)
  • Double Grave Maximum Dimensions:
    • Width 14"
    • Length 48"
    • Height 36" (from cement foundation)

Flush to the Ground Markers

  • Single Grave Maximum Dimensions: 14"x 24"
  • Double Grave Maximum Dimensions: 14" x 48"
  • All memorials shall be constructed of natural stone. No artificial stone of any kind is permitted. Crosses or other grave markers of wood, iron, cement, or any like material are strictly prohibited, except the standard bronze insignia provided for the graves of veterans.
  • The most suitable ornament on a memorial in a Catholic cemetery is the cross. Epitaphs and symbols on memorials should be in the spirit of the Christian Church.
  • Photo ceramic memorial portraits or other reproduction of photographs on permanent material may be affixed to a flush ground memorial, or upright monument, providing they meet all the criteria of “suitable for a Catholic cemetery”. Management must approve the method of attachment. All memorial portraits on flush ground memorials must be set recessed into the stone. Covered or hinged memorial portraits are not permitted on flush-ground memorials. Memorial etching may be used on flush or upright memorials. All artwork must be submitted to Management for approval prior to the commencement of work. Memorial portraits and etchings cannot be the prominent focal point of the marker/monument.
  • Approval of all markers/monuments must be drawn and provided by the monument company to the church office prior to production. Management reserves the right to reject any memorial design, material or construction method that does not meet Management standards.

If you have any additional questions about the cemeteries, burials, guidelines, etc. please contact the Parish Office at 651-423-4402.

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