No Appointment Necessary

The first step of the Alcoholics Anonymous Program is to admit that one is powerless over the control of alcohol. In the other steps, a person accepts that a Higher Power can help them and then they turn their lives over to the care of God, with the second to last step being the alcoholic’s …

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EN MASSE: Genuflecting

The word genuflect quite literally means to “bend the knee.” But there is more meaning behind the word than just bending your knee to the floor. To genuflect is to recognize and acknowledge the presence of God in the Blessed Sacrament – Jesus – by bending the right knee before the place in which we …

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Pastor's Welcome

Dear Friend in Christ, Thank you for taking the time to visit our parish family. If you have ever taken the time to read the words on currency, you may have noted the saying “E Pluribus Unum,” meaning“out of many, one.” It’s certainly reflective of our country, where we come from many backgrounds to form …

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