Sacramental Requests

All of your Sacramental Records are recorded at your Church of Baptism. To receive additional Sacraments, one must show proof of Baptism. Sacraments such as Confirmation and Marriage do require a newly issued certificate within 6 months of the upcoming Sacrament.  Certificates cannot be issued for genealogical purposes.

Sacramental Inquiry Request

Your interest in Catholic Sacraments has us thrilled! Click here to complete a request form, and a representative from our parish staff will get in touch with you. For any urgent inquiries, feel free to contact the Parish office at 651-423-4402 or at

Sacramental Certificate Request

To receive a certified Sacramental Certificate, please click here to complete a request form. In order to protect the confidentiality of these records, certificates will only be issued to the individual named on the certificates, the parent or guardian of a minor child, or a requesting parish or diocese. Parishes do not provide sacramental information for genealogy research, nor are sacramental certificates issued for that purpose.

Not Baptized at St. Joseph Community

Contact your church of Baptism to request a Baptismal certificate.

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