St. Joseph Community values the gifts and talents of it's parishioners and welcomes individuals to discern if God is calling them to a leadership role.

If one of the leadership areas listed below is of interest to you, please contact the Parish Office at 651-423-4402 or info@StJosephCommunity.org for more information.

Finance Council

An active, well-formed, Parish Finance Council is a key element for promoting the financial health and integrity of a parish. The St. Joseph Community Finance Council assures accountability and assists the pastor with his temporal responsibilities. Code of Canon Law requires that every parish have a Finance Council. 

Parish Pastoral Council

The Parish Council is a guiding body of St. Joseph Community. The Parish Council exists to assist the Pastor in all matters that affect the spiritual and material well-being of the Parish. The Parish Council is accountable for the development, evaluation and communication of the Parish mission and goals. The Parish Council is involved in the life and ministry of the church, therefore, all of its work includes and arises out of a prayerful and reflective discernment. St. Joseph Community Parish Council meets once a month on Thursday evenings. Council members typically serve a 4 year term. 

PPC Meeting Minutes Oct. 3, 2019

PPC Meeting Minutes Sept. 7, 2019

PPC Meeting Minutes Aug. 7, 2019

PPC Meeting Minutes June 25, 2019

PPC Meeting Minutes June 6, 2019


Trustees, along with the pastor are like a board of directors having the power to transact all business on behalf of the St. Joseph Community.  Trustees are the members and officers of the civil corporation registered with the state.  The Archbishop is the President, the Vicar General is a member, the Pastor is the Vice President, the trustees are normally the secretary and the treasurer.

Trustees are not required to serve on the pastoral or finance councils, however parish council are obliged to provide the trustees access to information required to fulfill their responsibilities.  The board of directors should communicate with the parish council on all important matters pertaining to the parish, but the parish council has no legal vote in the transaction of the business of the corporation or parish. 

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