Volunteers are a key component to the success and growth of the St. Joseph Community. On this page you will find were we have a current high need for volunteers as well as information about the Essential 3/VIRTUS (which is required for volunteers working with minors or vulnerable adults).

There are numerous volunteer opportunities, organizations, and ministries available through St. Joseph Community.

Volunteers 2


Catholic Watchmen, Cana Dinner, Church Cleaners, Garage Sale, Grandparent Ministry, etc.

Dinner 5


Befrienders, Mission Trips, Loaves & Fishes, Funeral Hospitality, etc.



Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, American Heritage Girls, etc.



Parish Council, Finance Council, etc.


Mass Volunteers

Altar Servers, Eucharistic Ministers, Lectors, Musicians, etc.

Current Needs for Volunteers

St. Joseph Community has need for volunteers in many areas, below are a few areas we are currently highlighting that need volunteers the most right now.

Volunteers needed for the 2021-2022 Faith Formation Year!

Help is needed in all grade levels PreK-High School to assist our young people grow in faith. We need small group leaders, small group assistants, hall monitors, technology assistants, etc. There is a spot for you whether your a teenager, parent, grandparent, millennial, single, empty nester - anyone looking to help! Contact Kyle.Finken@StJosephCommunity.org (or 651-313-8464) for more information or to figure out where would be best.

Essential 3 / VIRTUS

St. Joseph Community is committed to promoting a safe environment for everyone, especially youth and vulnerable adults. Any volunteer who interacts with minors or vulnerable adults (as well as all employees) must comply with the Archdiocesan Safe Environment requirements known as Essential 3.

VIRTUS Account Registration Guide
123B Consent Form for Background Check
Volunteer Application
Re-Credentialing Guide
Promise to Protect Poster
How To Report Suspected Abuse Trifold
Archdiocesan Victim Assistance Hotline

To know if you need to update or complete your Essential 3, contact the parish office at info@stjosephcommunity.org or 651-423-4402.

The Essential 3 entails the following main components, which must be updated at least every 3 years:

  1. Background Check (Completed Online & 1 Form to Turn In)
  2. Signing a Code of Conduct (Completed Online)
  3. Safe Environment Training (Completed Online)

All adult volunteers must also have a volunteer form form on file at St. Joseph Community. (Click HERE for the Volunteer Application) Additional items such as a driver's check or credit check are only required for those who drive or handle money on behalf of St. Joseph Community.

Volunteers under the age of 18 who will be interacting with and/or assisting with programs for youth (i.e. Faith Formation, Nursery, VBS, etc.) are required to have the following items on file at St. Joseph Community prior to volunteering:

  • 2 References (cannot be from parents/guardians)
  • Signed Code of Conduct (also signed by a parent/guardian)

Upon turning 18, individuals are then required to comply with the Essential 3 as required of adults.

Click HERE to download the Youth Reference Form

Click HERE to download the Youth Code of Conduct

VIRTUS training is required of all clergy, deacons, school and parish employees as well as all adult volunteers who are in regular or unsupervised contact with children under the age of 18.

The VIRTUS Training is an awareness session in which adults are better equipped to protect children in the world around them.

The initial VIRTUS training and set-up of account takes about 90 minutes to complete. After you have completed the training and other 2 parts of the required "Essential 3" refresher training and updates are done online every 3 years.

All employees, and volunteers who interact with minors, are required to complete and maintain safe environment credentials through the Archdiocese of Saint Paul and Minneapolis.

To ensure successful completion of the requirements, follow the information below before creating your VIRTUS account. If you have an existing VIRTUS account, contact the Parish Office for assistance so your account can be updated prior to login.

Total Time Commitment: Approximately 95 minutes

  1. Set aside sufficient time to complete all items without logging out.
    1. Incomplete accounts may result in lost data, requiring you to repeat your setup
  2. Read and follow the directions on the website in the order presented.
    1. Skipping items, fast-forwarding or backing up may corrupt your account and require you to repeat your assignments.
    2. You will:
      a. Complete each registration field as presented on the screen
      b. Complete the Code of Conduct
      c. Complete the Background Check application (SSN is required)
      d. Complete Safe Environment Training (1 module, approximately 75 minutes)
    3. Fill out the 123B form if you are a new volunteer and are planning to work with children or vulnerable adults. Click HERE for the Background Check Form (123B)
    4. Fill out the Volunteer Form if you are a new volunteer and are planning to work with children or vulnerable adults. Click HERE to download the Volunteer Application

VIRTUS website: www.virtusonline.org
Use Google Chrome browser and allow pop-ups for this website.

For more information on the Archdiocesan Safe Environment requirements, visit

If you have completed the Essential 3 components through another parish or Catholic school within the Archdiocese, that information can be transferred. Please contact the Parish Office at info@stjosephcommunity.org or 651-423-4402 about doing so.

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