Mass Volunteers

As we gather together as one for Mass, we realize that Mass cannot happen with just one person. It takes a team of people with different talents and gifts to help make our Communion Mass celebration a success. Where is God calling you to help out?

Liturgical Ministries

Below are various ways you can get involved with Liturgical Ministries at St. Joseph Community.  Contact us at or at 651-423-4402 for more information about any of the music ministries listed.

Liturgical Ministry volunteer Schedule for April 6-May 26, 2024

Young people (4th Grade and older) are encouraged to assist during Mass as Altar Servers. This is a great way for youth to learn more about the Mass as they participate in a hands-on way. Altar Servers help Fr. Paul throughout the Mass with lighting candles, holding the Missal book, setting the Altar for Eucharist, etc. Training is provided.

Adults can also serve in this ministry, especially at Daily Mass or for Funeral Ministries.

Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion, or Eucharist Ministers, assist the Priest during Mass to distribute the precious Body and Blood of Christ. Approximately 12 Eucharistic Ministers are needed for each Mass. Those who have already been Confirmed are invited to serve in this ministry. Training is provided.

Gift bearers participate in Mass by bringing up the offerings of bread, wine, and prayers during the Preparation of the Gifts. Gift bearers are selected before each Mass and are open to any one in the congregation to help with. If you are interested in being a gift bearer, please contact an usher at least 10 minutes before Mass. Ushers will then provide guidance as to when you should meet them during the Mass.

Being a gift bearer is a great way to participate in the Mass, especially if there is a special occasion (i.e. Birthday, Anniversary, etc.) or maybe the Mass is being said for someone you know. If you'd like to reserve being a gift bearer for a Mass in advance, please contact the Parish Office at 651-423-4402 so they can notify the Usher team in advance.

Do you enjoy welcoming people, smiling, and saying "hello" or "Good Morning"? Greeters are often the first people that we encounter on the weekend as we come to Mass. Being a warm and welcoming greeter is a simple and great way to be a part of helping for Mass - and the time commitment is minimal. Individuals, youth, adults, couples, families - are all invited to be a part of this ministry.

Lectors proclaim the Word of God during Mass. Lectors prepare in advance by studying and practicing the reading they are assigned. Those who have already been Confirmed, and have effective communication skills, are encouraged to partake in this ministry. Training is provided.

The Sacristan is often behind the scenes helping to prepare the necessary items for the celebration of the Mass: the vessels, hosts & wine, etc. Those who are already Confirmed are invited to discern being a Sacristan. Training is provided and Sacristans usually begin helping with Daily Mass first and then transition into Sunday Masses.

Ushers are hands-on assisting during the Mass in a number of ways: helping individuals find a spot to sit, inviting people to bring up the gifts of bread & wine, assist in taking up the collection, help during the Communion procession, and passing out bulletins after Mass. Adults are needed for key parts of ushering (i.e. taking up the collection); however, teenagers can also participate in this ministry alongside the adults. Training is provided.

The St. Joseph Community Video Ministry helps to LIVE stream the Saturday Night Mass each week. Additionally they assist with other video taping needs, such as for funerals or special Masses such as Graduation Mass for the St. Joseph School.

Music Ministries

"Come, let us sing joyfully to the Lord; cry out to the rock of our salvation!" ~Psalm 95:1

Below are various ways you can get involved with Music Ministry at St. Joseph Community. We welcome all musicians of varying voices and instruments. Contact us at or at 651-423-4402 for more information about any of the music ministries listed.

The adult choir is open to High School teenagers and adults of all ages. Rehearsals are on Thursdays at 6:30pm. The adult choir typically sings at the 10:30am Sunday Mass. 

As a Cantor, you lead the congregation in song from the front in the Sanctuary. Cantors require musical leadership and a good working knowledge of the music. Cantors are needed at all Masses, funeral celebrations, and other services.

Looking to be a part of the St. Joseph Community music ministry, but not sure how to jump in? or the other choir rehearsals are a hard year-long commitment? Consider joining our Christmas or Easter Choir! These choirs meet specifically for these special Masses and rehearse just in the weeks leading up to Christmas/Easter. Contact the parish office at 651-423-4402 or keep an eye on the bulletin as the Christmas or Easter season draws near for rehearsal information. 

Do you play an instrument of any sort and would like to bring that talent to the Mass? We are always looking for instrumentalists to join us and enhance the music liturgy of the Mass. Rosemount High School has an amazing band program - Youth (and adults) can share those amazing musical talents here at St. Joseph Community as well.

The men's choir is open to all men of the Parish (high school aged and older). Rehearsal is once a month on Thursday evenings. The Men's Choir sings once a month at an 8:30am Sunday Mass. 

Those who are interested in singing as a part of the Resurrection Choir for funeral Masses are part of a list and notified when a funeral is scheduled. There are no scheduled rehearsals for this choir and members are able to participate as they are able. 

The Saturday Night Group sings once a month at the 3rd Saturday of the month Mass. The group rehearses before the Mass, starting at 4pm.

The youth choir is open to youth up to grade 8 (middle school) and is an enthusiastic choir that sings at Sunday Mass once a month (during the school year) and on Christmas Eve. Contact the Parish office at 651-423-4402 for a rehearsal schedule.

Church Environment

St. Joseph Community is proud to have a church space that is beautifully decorated, clean, and inviting to all who enter. The Church Environment Ministry volunteers help prepare the worship space to reflect the season being celebrated as well as caring for and cleaning the church space. If you are interested in volunteering with this ministry contact us at

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